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Audio Tours 101c: Top 10 Tips in under 10 Minutes

Posted on | March 29, 2009 | No Comments

What are the fundamental issues you need to think about as you design an audio tour? In this third installment in Museum Mobile’s mini-series on audio tour basics, Chris Tellis, co-founder of Antenna Audio, shares best practices gleaned from his nearly three decades of developing audio tours for cultural sites around the world.

In under 10 minutes, hear Chris’s top 10 tips – and add your tips & questions in the comments below!

  1. Talk about the elephant in the room – or the meteor that just hit the Pope;
  2. Choose the most passionate person to narrate the tour;
  3. Structure the tour around key messages and the educational mission: of the museum, the exhibition and the object;
  4. Position the visitor as archaeologist/researcher to make discoveries through the tour;
  5. Forming an opinion is a profound learning experience: don’t be afraid to encourage your visitors to debate with the tour;
  6. Choose the platform last, to suit the story;
  7. Trust your ear (more than the script);
  8. Get the operations right to avoid the glitches becoming the prevailing memory of the tour;
  9. Keep it simple: truly hip technology is technology that works consistently;
  10. Be complementary: the tour can’t compete with the museum or exhibition.


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