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Opensource Mobile Projects on the MuseumMobile Wiki

Posted on | May 13, 2009 | 1 Comment

We seem to have reached a tipping point in opensource development for mobile platforms: at Museums & the Web in April, a spontaneous gathering over lunch of more than 10 museums working on mobile projects resulted in the MuseumMobile Wiki to house the collaborative project pages. Since then the Dallas Museum of Art has already developed a prototype mobile web-based solution, which Ted Forbes demonstrates in a wonderful little video available both on the wiki and in the MuseumMobile podcast.

Compare it to Chris Alexander‘s solution for the San Jose Museum of Art. I’m interviewing Chris & Ted on Sunday May 17, 2009 – you’re welcome to post your questions for them here!

Join the opensource ‘Museums to Go’ collaboration on the wiki, and check out our ‘parent’ wiki as well with a wealth of resources collected around the 2008 Tate Handheld Conference. Both museums and vendors are contributing their best practices, solutions and code to the community with the aim of improving access and interpretation to collections around the world.


One Response to “Opensource Mobile Projects on the MuseumMobile Wiki”

  1. Ben Bloom
    May 15th, 2009 @ 10:40 am

    Hi, I had added this question on the page w/ Ted Forbes video demo, but this seems to be the right place for it, so re-posting:

    Are you designing the interface so an image will be onscreen (for example a painting) while the audio plays, or does it simply open the QuickTime player?

    Also, have you developed the signage for the exhibition? Wondering how visitors will be alerted to the presence of the tour, and what info they will need to be given to access it on their own iPhone/iPod Touch.

    This looks really exciting — an elegant, simple design — thanks for sharing!

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