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Nancy’s Tweets for 2009-03-29

RT @museolab Interactive mural at Virgin Megastore in Union Sq NYC almost makes me not hate Adobe. Nah, not really # Heavy & a bit slow but visually very impressive: iPhone Ap 3D tour of Rome $5.99 by Fulvio Massini (grazie, Mario Bucolo!) # RT @LotteMeijer: Jorge Colombo, Beautful sketches of NY made […]

Audio Tours 101c: Top 10 Tips in under 10 Minutes

What are the fundamental issues you need to think about as you design an audio tour? In this third installment in Museum Mobile’s mini-series on audio tour basics, Chris Tellis, co-founder of Antenna Audio, shares best practices gleaned from his nearly three decades of developing audio tours for cultural sites around the world. In under […]

Audio Tours 101b: Technology and Theatricality

In the second of the ‘Audio Tours 101’ podcast mini-series, Chris Hardman and David Torgersen discuss the pros and cons of linear and ‘random access’ tours, and how different technologies condition both content and user experience design. ‘Random access’ to tour content, allowing visitors to chart their own route through the museum or gallery, became […]

Nancy’s Tweets for 2009-03-22

“Self-Expression is Overrated” The title really says it all-great post from Nina Simon on better participatory design # What’s your favorite website? Looking for design ideas and would love your links and suggestions! Thanks!! # Looking forward to hearing what the conservation community thinks the applications might be for this new technology: # […]

Audio Tours 101: Writing the Rules

This week kicks off a mini-series of podcasts on the basics of audio tours: their history and fundamental principles; the role of technology and theatricality in their evolution; the primacy of the story and the question of who gets to tell it. In this first podcast, Chris Hardman, founder and Artistic Director of Antenna Theater, […]

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