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The Espro-Acoustiguide Audiotour Player at MoMA

Vodcast review of Espro-Acoustiguide’s new audiotour player at MoMA in New York, January 1, 2009. Compare it to MoMA’s Wifi Tours, reviewed in the March 15, 2009 vodcast and discussed by MoMA Wifi’s creator, Lotte Meijer, in the March 8, 2009 podcast.

Nancy’s Tweets for 2009-03-15

Max Anderson, Director of the IMA, speaking at Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn on Museums & Internet-based transparency! # RT @smithsonian: Live Webcast Museums & Internet-Based Transparency, Max Anderson, Director, Indianapolis Museum 2:30 ET # Leslie Thornton, media artist now speaking@American Art Museum; Post & vids of last week’s talk w/ Cory Arcangel: # RT @titusbicknell: […]

MoMA Wifi Tours: as discovered by Deb & Titus

Vodcast of Deb Howes and Titus Bicknell starting the new year right by checking out MoMA Wifi Tours, January 1, 2009. See also the March 8, 2009 podcast interview with Lotte Meijer, developer of the MoMA Wifi Tours.

Nancy’s Tweets for 2009-03-08

RT @naypinya: superb post by jane litte (@dearauthor) on Authors Guild claim on Amazon Kindles TTS capability – # Love this from Will Real: Bin Laden on Twitter! Http:// # And today, Doonesbury on Twitter (from Bruce Falk): # Yesterday the NPR app & now the Kindle app: ok, I’m finally sold on […]

MoMA Wifi & Next Generation Mobile Tour Systems: Interview with Lotte Meijer

Podcast with Lotte Meijer, developer of MoMA Wifi, MoMA’s mobile web audio-visual tour system, interviewed by Nancy Proctor on 18 January 2009. A vodcast evaluation of MoMA Wifi and MoMA Audio coming up next. More about MoMA Audio and MoMA Wifi on MoMA’s gorgeous new website!

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